Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science

Aims and Scope

Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science (MACS) strives to provide an academic environment concentrating on central and deep interconnections between mathematics and computer science. The scope includes but is not limited to applications of mathematical theories, results and models in computer science on the one hand, and impacts of computer science in development of new mathematical models and results, on the other.

Theses series of events are designed to be both informative for a wide range of graduate students as well as to present state of the art and recent results on the subjects they target.


The workshops usually contain introductory talks and crash courses as well as technical presentations delivered by invited speakers and experts to help the audience to get acquainted to the basic aspects and recent developments of the subjects discussed.

Each workshop may contain problem sessions or discussion meetings to provide an arena for academic interplay of ideas and opinions shared with the participants.

Upcoming Workshop:

Foundations of  Cryptography, January 6-8, 2016.